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HIMSS Innovation Community

Innovations are fundamentally transforming the healthcare delivery system as we discover new concepts, ideas, services, processes and products that challenge existing models. The HIMSS Innovation Community is a destination for HIMSS members who want to stay up to date on the latest in healthcare innovation.

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What is healthcare innovation?

It is the introduction and/or implementation of a usable concept, idea, service, process or product that improves at least one of the following: treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prevention or research.

Information and technology are its key drivers—and innovation involves novelty, creativity and change. The four main categories of innovation are:

  • Product innovation: The introduction of a good or service that is new or significantly improved with respect to its characteristics or intended uses.
  • Process innovation: The implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method.
  • Marketing innovation: The implementation of a new marketing method involving significant changes in product design/packaging, placement, promotion or pricing.
  • Organizational innovation: The implementation of a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relations.

The goals of healthcare innovation are to improve at least one of the following: quality, safety, outcomes, efficiencies or costs. Innovation requires vision, structure, strategy, engagement and alignment with associated partners and stakeholders to evaluate its impact in light of these goals.

How can you participate?

The Innovation Community is open to all HIMSS members, including physicians and other caregivers, patients, organizations, innovator companies, consultants and regulatory agencies—healthcare professionals who are dedicated to developing useful concepts, ideas, services, processes or products that innovators make available to markets, governments and society.

  • Log into your HIMSS Membership Profile and drop down to "My Account"
  • Hover over "My Involvement" and select "Participation"
  • Scroll down to "Edit Participations" and add the HIMSS Innovation Community

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Our Resources

Our community experts collaborate to provide access and awareness of products and resources to ensure that members of the Innovation Community can advance treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prevention and research within their organizations. We offer advice and advocacy through work groups, webinars, committees, curated content and HIMSS-affiliated organizations focused on driving innovation.


Participate in events and webinars, and connect with experts for guidance on innovation advancements, processes, technologies and more.

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Project Management Work Group

Community members can participate in our work group focused on the use of innovative approaches and project management disciplines for the creation of value, change and positive outcomes. More information about the work group is available to all who join the community.

HIMSS Innovation Committee

Members of our Innovation Committee collaborate to identity emerging technologies and processes that positively influence innovation in healthcare by improving the care experience, individual and population health, and reducing costs. The committee focuses on creating content for the Innovation Community, HIMSS membership and the healthcare industry. Appointments to the committee are by application only. Learn more and meet our committee leaders.

Accelerate Health

Embrace the power of bold thinking to transform care delivery with Accelerate Health: an innovation-focused content and connectivity platform from HIMSS that walks the cutting edge of healthcare. Get ready for a bold approach to healthcare innovation.


A HIMSS solution and healthcare advisory firm, Healthbox drives innovation from the inside and out, helping organizations build internal innovation programs, assess the potential of employee-led projects, and look to the market to find solutions to implement or invest in. Discover solutions from Healthbox.

HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

The HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence recognizes the thoughtful application of health information and technology to improve clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and population health around the world. The program promotes health and wellness use cases, model practices and lessons learned. Celebrate your organization’s success. Learn more about the application process.


If you have questions or suggestions for the HIMSS Innovation Community, please email us.