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HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community

The HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community is a central connection point for health information exchange (HIE) professionals who support and promote education and thought leadership in health information and technology. 

Benefits of joining our community:

  • Make connections with like-minded individuals who are committed to transforming health through standards-based interoperability.
  • Explore HIE and emerging technologies with opportunities for networking.
  • Leverage best practices, share ideas and collaborate with peers and experts.

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What is interoperability?

Interoperable healthcare systems, devices and applications can access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner. This happens across organizational, regional and national boundaries to provide timely and seamless portability of information and to optimize the health of individuals and populations globally.

The four levels are:

  • Foundational: Establishes the inter-connectivity requirements needed for one system or application to securely communicate data to and receive data from another.
  • Structural: Defines the format, syntax and organization of data exchange for interpretation, including at the data field level.
  • Semantic: Provides common underlying models and categorization of the data. This includes the use of data elements with standardized definitions from publicly available value sets and coding vocabularies, providing shared understanding and meaning to the user.
  • Organizational: Includes governance, policy, social, legal and organizational considerations to facilitate the secure, seamless, timely communication and use of data within and between organizations, entities and individuals. These components enable shared consent, trust and integrated end user processes and workflows.

How can you participate?

The community is open to all HIMSS members, including informaticists, technicians, health data architects, analysts, clinical researchers, standards, privacy and security experts, caregivers, consultants and patient advocates.

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Our Resources

Our community experts develop educational resources and foster awareness around relevant and timely industry topics and best practices in standards and HIE. We offer guidance and support through workgroups, webinars, committees, curated content and HIMSS-affiliated organizations focused on driving health information exchange. 

Virtual Events and Education

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Join our quarterly roundtables for the latest news and resources you won't find anywhere else. Connect with peers and experts for guidance on advancements, processes and technologies. The roundtable is open to all members.

Task Forces and Work Groups

Our task forces and work groups provide leadership within HIMSS to promote education and industry action around a variety of topics related to health information exchange. We currently support the Social Determinants of Health and the Blockchain in Healthcare Task Forces, and the Health App Guidelines Work Group. More information about task forces and work groups is available to all who join the community.

Interoperability in Healthcare Guide

Want to better understand how data sharing can make a difference in healthcare? Get key insights about the ecosystem, workflows and usages of HIEs, public policy efforts and standards development.

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HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Guide

Expand your knowledge about blockchain technology and its potential impact on healthcare. This robust resource outlines foundational knowledge, including technical components and consideration for implementation.

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Social Determinants of Health Guide

Social determinants of health (SDOH) can contribute to inequities associated with race, sexual orientation, class and other attributes of human difference that produce systematic disadvantages. This can lead to inequitable access to resources and ultimately dictate health. This robust guide outlines foundational knowledge around the impact of SDOH on individual and population health, along with the technical, operational, organization and ethical considerations for making this type of information an integral part of care.

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Speaking Opportunities

Are you an industry leader or expert in standards or HIE? We invite you to present to our community at a quarterly roundtable. For consideration, please submit a brief description of your topic of interest and speaking proposal for a 45-minute presentation. Proposals must be vendor-neutral and educational in nature.

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The committee emphasizes the advancement of health information technologies and standards. Committee members focus on creating content for the community, HIMSS membership and the HIE industry. Appointments to the committee are by application only. Learn more and meet our committee leaders.

HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™

HIMSS is committed to highlighting how standards-based health information exchange can improve care, outcomes and experiences. Demonstrate how your health solution is a key player in the exchange, access and use of data through profiles and standards. Learn more.

If you have questions or suggestions for the community, please email us.