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Member Participation

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Member Advancement

We strongly encourage our members to contribute to the health information and technology industry through presentations, publications and volunteer participation. Active HIMSS members are recognized for their dedication to our society and industry when they become a Senior or Fellow member. Advancement criteria is based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service. Senior and Fellow Members are leaders within HIMSS and the industry. Advanced Membership recognizes past contributions, but also comes with expectations for continuing participation and contribution.

Help us recognize our national members for your dedication to our society by applying for Senior Member or Fellow Status.

HIMSS Fellows and Senior Member Advancement Process & Application

Online Application

Download PDF Application

In addition to the Application Form, please email us and attach these supporting documents:

  1. Current job description
  2. Organizational chart, with position circled
  3. Proof of highest degree, if applicable
  4. Proof of current certification credential, if applicable
  5. Letter of recommendation from current HIMSS Fellow (if applying for Fellow)
  6. Letter of recommendation from CxO (optional)

Attach your supporting documents to your online application or via to

HIMSS Member Advancement Program FAQ

Recognizing Our Current HIMSS Advanced Members

Life and Life Fellow Members

Fellow Members

Senior Members

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