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Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Interprofessional Community

Our purpose is to engage and prepare the global workforce in using technology and health informatics to improve the delivery of patient care. To assist the community, the TIGER Initiative develops resources to assist with educational needs, clinical practice, and research to expand knowledge base and evolve skillset while also helping advance career trajectories.

TIGER began as a grassroots initiative within the nursing community in 2006 – gradually extending the scope to include other clinical disciplines and move into the interprofessional area in 2014.

Today, TIGER focuses in on education reform, fostering community development and global workforce development using an interdisciplinary approach.

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  • Hover over "My Involvement", then select the drop down to "Participation"
  • From there, you can "Edit Participation" to select the "Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Community"

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TIGER eHealth Toolkit: This toolkit has been curated from essential TIGER Initiative resources and tools — inclusive of major global projects it has led (TIGER International Competency Synthesis Project) and collaborated on (EU*US eHealth Work Project funded by European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and grant innovation program). With an interdisciplinary scope, this toolkit has something for all roles in global health informatics, healthcare, information & technology and education.

TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Expand eHealth/health information and technology knowledge and informatics skills via our interactive, online learning platform for academic professionals, students, adult learners, and clinical educators.

TIGER Interprofessional Community Webinar Series: This series is ideal for knowledge expansion and getting to know leaders in the global health informatics field.

  • CA-CPHIMS enduring credits are available for qualified individuals.
  • Live webinars are open to all HIMSS community members.
  • Archived events are restricted to TIGER VLE subscribers via education portal access.

Global Informatics Definitions: TIGER began compiling interprofessional informatics definitions in 2015 - with updates annually. This is an ideal resource for those learning about informatics and informatics competencies. v4 was published in July 2020. Download the document today!

Global Health Informatics Recommendations: Leverage recommendation frameworks for a broad range of health professionals and their interprofessional collaboration.

The Evolution of TIGER Competencies and Informatics Resources: This supplemental report continues the conversation around competencies as well as to add global, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional perspectives. 

EU*US eHealth Work Project: Discover tools and resources to advance the global health workforce.

Follow TIGER on Twitter: Our handle is @AboutTIGER. You can also find us under hashtags #TIGERinitiative #TIGERLVE.