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HIMSS Telehealth Community

The many definitions highlight that telehealth is an open and constantly evolving science, as it incorporates new advancements in technology and responds and adapts to the changing health needs and contexts of societies.

This emerges to provide a community of practice to:

  • Create a unified voice for telehealth across all healthcare fields, share knowledge & best practices
  • Support and promote the importance of telehealth and its crucial role in the future healthcare delivery
  • Increase recognition of telehealth solutions to deliver and make improvements to care

Going beyond teleconsultation, this Community will address topics such as:

  • In-home treatment and care
  • Remote health and wellbeing monitoring
  • Mental health/telepsychiatry
  • Rehabilitation and recovery
  • Online self-service solutions such as appointment booking
  • Mobile apps for patients and relatives
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Electronic scheduling with reminder system
  • Image and file uploads
  • e-prescribing
  • Data migration
  • Scalability

How to Join Our Community

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Loida Lleonart
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships