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Student Membership

HIMSS Student Membership is designed for individuals engaged in formal study of healthcare information and management systems, as defined by HIMSS Board policies. Student members get the benefits of Regular Membership at a discounted price.

Student Members receive member pricing on conferences, webinars, publications and thought leadership on

Student Membership does not include:

  • Voting privileges in HIMSS Member elections
  • Eligibility for HIMSS elected office positions
Be part of the global health transformation.

New Members

Eligible students applying for membership may not hold a full-time equivalent (FTE) position in healthcare information and management systems. Individuals must be formally enrolled in coursework—including but not limited to a certificate, high school, associate, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, fellowship or residency program. Select HIMSS and chapter events are limited to attendees 21 years of age or older.


Student Members who wish to renew their membership and current Regular members who wish to change their membership type to Student may do so if they meet the above qualifications.

Member Profile

Students seeking membership must provide and maintain an updated member profile. Profile creation is included in the registration process.


Student Membership is limited to a lifetime maximum of five years. Any extension beyond five years must be preapproved by HIMSS.

Sign-up and Verification Process

Students eligible for membership may register and pay dues at any time using HIMSS online membership registration.
At the time of your registration, you must complete your Student Member profile, which includes:

  • Name of education institution
  • Program type
  • Program hours enrolled
  • Program start date (must be prior to date of membership application)
  • Expected award/certification/graduation date
  • Documentation verifying enrollment*
  • Attestation to accuracy of information provided and eligibility for Student Membership

Accepted Documentation of Student Enrollment*

  • Copy of the member or applicant’s current class schedule
  • Copy of university transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  • Other enrollment documentation from the institution on university letterhead signed by department chair or other school official

*You must submit documentation within 30 days of the date that your membership becomes active. To confirm your enrollment, email

When joining HIMSS, Student Members agree to random membership audits. Upon request, you must provide evidence of enrollment within two weeks. If you do not provide proof of your enrollment, your membership renewal type will by changed from Student to Regular. At the end of the fifth year of your membership, renewals will be changed to Regular Member status, unless you are preapproved by HIMSS staff to continue as a Student Member.


  • Student Member dues are per calendar year, based on the first day of the month in which HIMSS received your payment for a new or renewed membership.
  • Membership dues are subject to change at the discretion of HIMSS.
  • The Student Member dues rate is only available when you purchase a new membership or renew a current one.
  • No membership refunds, transfers or adjustments will be made to your profile if you paid your dues at any other level prior to your official enrollment at an educational site.

Resources for Students and Emerging Healthcare Leaders

Unlock exclusive member communities, programs and resources designed to prepare you for your career in health information and technology.

HIMSS Emerging Healthcare Leaders Community
Connect with colleagues in a unique ecosystem of support for health information and technology professionals who are moving into the next phase of their career. Network with peers, find scholarship opportunities and access career development resources. The community is an exclusive benefit for HIMSS members.

HIMSS Foundation Scholarships
The HIMSS Foundation offers scholarships to students pursuing their education in healthcare.

Explore the ultimate resource dedicated to connecting job seekers with desirable health information and technology positions. Job seekers can browse resources, post resumes, receive job alerts and work with a dedicated career coach, while recruiters can post jobs and source the right talent.

HIMSS Certification
Take your skill set to the next level with certification from HIMSS. Choose from three different certifications designed to demonstrate your expertise and experience as a health information and technology professional.