Accelerate Healthcare Client Onboarding

For most healthcare organizations, client onboarding has traditionally been a largely manual, time- and resource-intensive process. As a result, organizations experience significant delays in time to go-live estimates and waste resources on an error-prone process that doesn’t move at the same speed of their accelerating business. MarkLogic’s agile database platform offers an alternative approach to client onboarding that leverages flexible data models, advanced search and query, and semantics to streamline client onboarding processes for payers, providers, TPAs, and health IT vendors alike.

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MarkLogic has demonstrated success in improving enterprise-level client onboarding initiatives. For example, to support KPMG’s efforts to provide a managed services solution for client onboarding at large financial institutions, MarkLogic offered a solution to reduce costs, comply with sensitive data security and privacy requirements, meet changing financial regulations, and improve customer service. With MarkLogic’s flexible, schema-agnostic platform, KPMG teams enable the rapid aggregation of content from multiple internal systems and external data feeds, enhancing real-time responsiveness for customer service operations and easing compliance burdens around high-risk regulations like the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Know Your Customer.

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