Leigh Burchell, FHIMSS

Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs

BA, American Constitutional History
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut

Summary of Professional Experience:

I have worked in the healthcare industry for two decades, starting with Oxford Health Plans before moving to North Carolina and joining Medic Computer Systems (now Allscripts) in 2000. I have served in many capacities within the company, including running an organization for several years which identified and disseminated best practices for EHR adoption and health information exchange. For the last eight years, I have led the company's government affairs function, overseeing all work with Congress and the Administration, as well as serving as the liaison to other likeminded organizations in the industry to ensure communication between our company and those stakeholders. This responsibility includes working with policy makers to ensure they understand the progress being made toward larger goals of population health, patient engagement and precision medicine, building on EHR adoption in recent years.

I am active in many industry associations, including serving as the most recent Chair of the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) and as a current Member of the Leadership Council and Chair Emeritus of the Policy Steering Committee for the eHealth Initiative. I also lead the company’s participation within the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, as well as the Bipartisan Policy Center, and previously I served as Vice Chair of the Health Information Technology Workgroup within TechAmerica.

Summary of HIMSS activities:

I have been involved with HIMSS for more than fifteen years. I have served as the Vice Chair of the Government Relations Roundtable, followed by a position for the last several years as Vice Chair of the Public Policy Committee, which helps the organization to craft and effectively put forward positions relevant to both our membership and policy makers. I have also volunteered on several occasions to revise the Public Policy Principles and have contributed to positions submitted by HIMSS in response to legislative vehicles and draft regulations.

What three core competencies do you possess that will benefit the Nominating Committee?

Because I have worked with HIMSS for so many years in a variety of volunteer capacities and partnered with many staff members, I understand well the strategic direction of the organization and the importance of striking the right balance amongst all the different stakeholders who are constituents. The breadth of perspectives included under the HIMSS umbrella is what sets the organization apart from other similar groups.

I know many different people throughout the industry, having spent almost two decades building relationships across all areas of our health care and health IT space - software developers, healthcare providers, clinicians, consumer advocates, policy makers, mobile innovators, and other technologists.

Lastly, I am a consensus builder - I am very comfortable working in a group environment to find the common areas where different people agree, even among people who are often on different sides of an issue. I have done extensive work along those lines for the EHRA, for example, building strong relationships under my leadership between the vendor community and different groups in the organized medicine arena. The same has been true in my position as Vice Chair of the Public Policy Committee, where I have worked with HIMSS experts to lead the group to consensus on sometimes challenging topics.