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Chapter Advocacy Roundtable

HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Program

With over 50 HIMSS Chapters across North America including the United States, its territories, and Canada,   HIMSS serves as the connection point for members and policy-makers on key health information and technology priorities. The HIMSS Chapter Advocacy program provides an opportunity for each HIMSS chapter to elect or appoint one or more of its members to expand HIMSS priorities through grassroots and grass tops engagement.

Collectively, HIMSS Chapter Advocates make up the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable (CAR). The CAR was established in 2004 to expand HIMSS’ outreach beyond Congressional and federal activities and it is an essential part of the greater HIMSS advocacy network. HIMSS CAR members serve as a strong coordinated voice and respected source of information about health information and technology. CAR members, through Researching, Educating, Power Building, and Monitoring, are able to influence state and local health information and technology policies.

Throughout the United States and its territories today, over 100 HIMSS Chapter Advocates are engaged in planning and facilitating advocacy and public policy activities within their state or region.


Pam Varhol
New England Chapter

Vice Chairs:

Kevin Conway
Vice Chair, Midwestern Region
Nebraska Chapter
John Ritter
Vice Chair, Eastern Region
Western Pennsylvania Chapter
Angelique Robateau
Vice Chair, Southern Region
Central & North Florida Chapter
Bonny Roberts
Vice Chair, Western Region
Colorado Chapter

To learn more about HIMSS Chapter Advocacy:

HIMSS18 Interview with Chapter Advocates

Please contact Alana Lerer at or your local chapter for more information on HIMSS Chapter Advocacy.