Let’s discover the true value of the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Program
For healthcare providers and agencies



Meet Joe Perkins, CIO at St. Mary’s Hospital

Joe has 10 employees who are HIMSS members, each paying the individual membership rate.

10 memberships x $199 equals:


Joe and St. Mary’s CMIO plan to attend HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition this year in Las Vegas.

2 advance rate conference registrations x $1,025 equals:


Two colleagues attend HIMSS16 Online conference because they don’t have budget to travel to Las Vegas.

2 HIMSS16 Online registrations x $49 equals:


During the year, five employee members take an online course to earn continuing education credits through the eLearning Academy.

5 courses x $230 equals:


St. Mary’s spends a total of:


This only equips a select few with health IT education and other HIMSS membership benefits.


Joe calls Mary at HIMSS

Joe calls Mary Griskewicz at (203) 421-8317 to learn how St. Mary’s can save money and extend HIMSS resources to the entire organization through the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate program. Together they decide the Associate level is the best option for his organization.


Joe Perkins now extends individual memberships to all 100 employees at St. Mary’s.

Employees can now join local HIMSS chapters, become involved in communities based on their role or area of interest, receive publications and journals and access the vast wealth of health IT knowledge to help them - and the organization - succeed.

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No additional cost

Annual Conference Registrations – Joe and the CMIO’s registration costs are included in the program.

Online Education – St. Mary’s employees attend HIMSS16 Online and take 1,800+ sessions in the eLearning Academy throughout the year without spending another dime.

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Total spend is now:

(36% savings)

Joe has saved the day!

St. Mary’s spends a total of $3,375, saving 36% on previous expenses and now equips all 100 employees with HIMSS membership benefits ($19,900 value).


Do you want to save the day?

For questions about your current OA program, please send an email to OA@himss.org. Contact Mary Griskewicz to join the Organizational Affiliate program at mgriskewicz@himss.org or (203) 421-8317