Michael Brooks, MBA, CPA, CBIP, CPHIMS, FHIMSS  is a Specialist Executive in Deloitte’s Healthcare Analytics & Cognitive practice where he advises healthcare organizations on the development and implementation of analytics strategies and high-value analytics initiatives. His experience includes data and analytics governance programs, enterprise analytics architectures, data management, self-service analytics, analytics organization design, analytics funding strategies, and business case development. Mike has served over 100 large health plans, national health systems, leading academic medical centers, federal healthcare agencies, and other healthcare organizations. Mike is also currently serving as a Board member for Colorado HorsePower, a non-profit organization that provides riding therapy to individuals with mental and physical disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, ADHD, and other conditions. In addition, Mike is a frequent speaker and author on various topics related to analytics and information management in healthcare. Prior to Deloitte, Mike worked with Ernst & Young, Dearborn Advisors, and various analytics startups. He has a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Appalachian State University.

Mike has been a HIMSS member for over 20 years. Throughout this time, Mike has displayed an immense interest in, and commitment to, HIMSS’ success. As a member of the Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) Committee, he was a founding co-chair of the C&BI Community where he organized and directed analytics programs, authored whitepapers, presented on various analytics topics, and produced other materials which contributed to the rapid growth and success of the Community. Through his leadership and commitment in the C&BI Community and other activities, Mike became very familiar with the HIMSS organization and its operations.

As a result of his involvement with HIMSS, his deep knowledge of future trends in analytics and other areas, his extensive healthcare information systems and analytics experience, and his growing network of contacts in the healthcare industry, Mike has developed a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving needs of HIMSS’ diverse member community. Mike brings a fresh perspective about the future of healthcare, particularly in the areas of analytics, digitization, and the growing importance of collaborations between healthcare providers, health plans, government agencies, information provider, and technology organizations.

As a member of the HIMSS North America Nominating Committee, Mike will utilize his knowledge of HIMSS members interests, his experience working with the HIMSS organization, and his extensive network of industry contacts to identify, engage, and prepare HIMSS’ future leaders for success.