Miramont Family Medicine - Davies Ambulatory Award

Miramount Family MedicineAt Miramont Family Medicine, we are dedicated to building genuine, lasting relationships with our patients. And, we are committed to providing you with the exceptional care you deserve. To us, that’s what family medicine is all about… nurturing relationships with our patients and their families, and with our community.

Read an Excerpt: 

As our practice continued to expand we needed an EHR with more capabilities capable to deliver the functionality that our customers asked for like a patient portal, and a more robust practice management system to assist ownership in making critical business decisions. We recognized that we would need to make a strategic investment in Information Technology for ourselves and our practice.  We anticipated that with a newer system: 

We could reduce transcription costs that had not been alleviated with the implementation of the first EHR (we were still dictating and then “pasting” into the
computer as text files at the time)

  • The practice management system would need to have even stronger reporting capabilities if we wanted to analyze and improve clinical outcomes, especially for chronic disease management like diabetes. 
  • We would require the best in managerial accounts reporting if we expected to be able to seriously negotiate with our insurance payers. 
  • Our EHR would need to be directly interfaced to our practice management system and our lab in order to automate all charge capture, thus improving revenue streams and reducing billing labor costs. 
  • We would improve job satisfaction by eliminating illegible hand writing, incomplete documentation for billing and improve internal documentation of phone conversations with patients. 
  • Staff time and energy would be better spent with direct patient care, if we could eliminate non revenue generating activities such as the need to search for paper charts, laboratory results, radiology reports, and consultations. 
  • Additionally, we would reduce expenses for office supplies and eliminating paper waste would make us more environmentally friendly.