MRO Corporation: Finding the Right Partner for Integrated Health Information Exchange in Disclosure Management Firms

Healthcare technology holds the promise of a better tomorrow, and great potential lies in health information exchange (HIE). HIE eliminates boundaries by facilitating the exchange of patient health records between provider organizations, patients and, in some cases, payers to support the Triple Aim of improved population health, improved patient engagement and lower costs.

That’s the vision. In reality, HIE is evolving and many aspects of it remain uncertain. For providers, there will absolutely be a greater ability to share patients’ complete medical histories. Yet, despite the potential benefits, challenges remain—from adopting interoperability standards to safeguarding privacy and security.

With increased access to PHI comes increased risk. The path forward calls for collaboration between multiple stakeholders in health information management (HIM), risk management, compliance and information technology (IT).

HIE, impact of improper disclosure and breach, Evaluating HIE approaches