New York State Dept. of Health, Environmental Public Health Tracking Network - Davies Public Health Award

NY State Dept. of HealthThe Environmental Public Health Tracker Network is an effort led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to share data and analyze trends in environmental health across the nation. It is intended to provide better public access to environmental health information and support research, programs and policies that may help protect our communities.

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The NYS EPHTN Data Exchange System is part of New York State (NYS) Health Commerce Network,  which is an enterprise­wide architecture for secure, Internet­based, health­related electronic commerce  between New York State Department of Health and its public health partners. It supports over 100 critical  applications and 50,000 users in 13,000 organizations with an expected total number of users is 120,000  by the end of year, 2,800 user logins/day, 450,000 access hits/day. The NYS Health Commerce Network connects all local health departments, local social service units, 242 hospitals, 679 nursing homes,  community health centers, 4,000 pharmacies and 12,000 physicians, 988 clinical and 867 environmental laboratories.