10 Top Healthcare Blog Posts from Health IT Pulse in 2018

10 Top Healthcare Blog Posts from Health IT Pulse in 2018

As another year comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of the great content from our members, contributors and subject matter experts in 2018.

Here's to a wonderful 2019!


Healthcare Cybersecurity: Highlights from the 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey
The 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey sought to answer two overarching questions: How far has the healthcare and public health sector progressed in cybersecurity and who is doing what in cybersecurity? Read our #10 post


How Informatics Drives Quality Care and Nursing Impact
One of our Social Media Ambassadors and a professional nurse shared during Nurses Week how nursing informatics is helping the industry innovate and how this will impact care delivery. Read our #9 post


Is the Digital Health Bubble Bursting? Health 2.0 Weighs In
We sat down with Indu Subaiya, executive vice president at HIMSS and co-founder and chief executive officer of Health 2.0, to hear what she had to say about what's next in health tech. Read our #8 post


Five Ways to Become an Influential Woman in Health IT
We pooled together insights from HIMSS Women in Health IT community members who are leading the change they want to see on the front lines of the field and beyond. Read our #7 post


Tackling the Opioid Epidemic with Information & Innovation
We examined the history of the opioid epidemic and how a multi-faceted approach can help combat it. Read our #6 post


Blockchain in Healthcare: The Case for Pragmatic Innovation
Our Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force members passed along their recommendations for anyone contemplating, or already pursuing, blockchain in healthcare. Read our #5 post


HIMSS Certifications: What You Need to Know
Our senior manager of Professional Development outlined how in a field experiencing such vast change, it’s important to show you’re well informed and well prepared for what’s ahead in your career. Read our #4 post


Blockchain Landscape – Navigating Opportunities in Digital Health
In the first part of a two-part series on blockchain, our Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force worked to answer the industry's questions and concerns about the application of blockchain in healthcare while creating a path forward. Read our #3 post


On EHR Usability: An Apology (and a Path Forward)
Our guest blogger shared that electronic health record system providers can and must do better, and are working to put the provider in the driver's seat. Read our #2 post


Blockchain in Healthcare: A Path to Success
In the second part of our two-part blockchain series (part one was our #3 post), the Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force discussed the potential of sharing healthcare data in a targeted, secure manner to help improve the quality of patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Read our #1 post

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10 Top Healthcare Blog Posts from Health IT Pulse in 2018