2016 State Election Results

Post-election, Republicans will control 66 of the 98-partisan state legislative chambers, Democrats will control 30 chambers and one chamber will be tied. The New York Senate is still undecided. This means, Republicans will control both chambers of the legislature in 32 states, which is an all-time high for the party, Democrats will control both chambers in 13 states and three states will be split controlled or tied. 

Additionally, there were a number of changes in the governor races:

  • Three states elected a Republican governor to succeed a Democrat namely, Missouri (Eric Greitens, R), New Hampshire (Chris Sununu, R), and Vermont (Phil Scott, R).  
  • Other key races saw re-election of democrats including, Governor Steve Bullock who won re-election in Montana and in Oregon and Washington state, Democrats Kate Brown (Oregon) and Jay Inslee (Wash) each won re-election.  Republican Governor Gary Herbert won re-election in Utah.
  • For the non-reelections governor results, West Virginia and Delaware state, Democrats Jim Justice (West Virginia) and John Carney (Delaware) will become governors of their respective states and Republican Doug Burgum will become the governor of North Dakota.    

For more information on state election results visit this week’s webinar on the election results here.  Also consider linking to the state election maps.