2017 Most Influential Women in Health IT: The Future is Ours

Submitted by Lisa S. Stump, MS, RPh, FASHP
Sr. Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Yale New Haven Health and Yale School of Medicine
Being a leader in health IT is an exciting, rewarding, and challenging role. I have the opportunity to advance technology and analytics to predict, prevent, treat and cure disease and to empower people to reach their health goals. That is my motivation every day. It's what drives me to work, to lead, and to partner with and mentor others toward that goal.
Some of my favorite examples exemplify my vision for delivering "world class healthcare in the palm of your hand."
My health system has leveraged telemedicine technology and services to provide critical care services and telestroke services across our state. This allows critically ill patients to receive expert care and intervention in their community hospital, often avoiding transitioning to a higher level of care in a distant hospital. The intense monitoring of our tele-ICU has reduced the overall time patients spend in the hospital and reduced rates of adverse events.
At the other end of the spectrum, we are partnering with selected technology vendors to present applications to our consumers and patients that empower them to create their personal story in the medical record, enhancing engagement and personalization of care. We are collecting real-time feedback from our inpatients and outpatients to address service gaps in real time, when it matters, and ensure that our services and care are excellent.
Leading these efforts and seeing the positive outcomes are incredibly rewarding. I believe that women can influence and lead from any role or position. Often, we are held back by "all that can go wrong" or by focusing on "all the reasons we can't-- not enough time, not enough money, fear of failure..." With a fearless focus on "what CAN be" and the drive to understand "HOW to make it happen," we can make a positive difference.

The future is ours to create. Join me in influencing that future and in recognizing other women on that journey. #HealthITChicks #WomeninHIT


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