7 Reasons to Attend the Healthcare Security Data Forum

Healthcare Security Data Forum

Cybersecurity in healthcare continues to be more imperative than ever as health information and technology become embedded into workflows. Just as you’d lock a file cabinet filled with your most valuable items, it’s important we embrace that same mindset with cybersecurity.

Healthcare providers, government, academia, providers, hospitals, health systems and beyond can learn about all of the latest cybersecurity need-to-knows at the Healthcare Security Forum, hosted by HIMSS.

Here are a few reasons to attend, in no particular order:

  1. Hear expert insights from a previous White House chief information officer in a fireside chat session which kicks off the event.
  2. Learn what you want to learn: during the introductory session, you can use a real-time polling app to share what you’re looking to learn about in the coming days.
  3. Wrap your head around ‘the cloud’: this speaker will talk about how it can provide a secure platform that helps you go above and beyond compliance requirements.
  4. Gain global expertise on incident response strategy from a worldwide security industry leader.
  5. Participate in an interactive ‘think tank’ session which encourages participation and discussion around third-party risk management best practices.
  6. Discover human-centered cybersecurity design principles that will help you evaluate solutions that keep patients at the center.
  7. Network, network, network – this forum provides more intimate networking opportunities for smaller groups to get questions answered that might not be as readily available in a larger event setting.

Need more reasons to attend? Check out the full schedule.


Security breaches within healthcare organizations are inevitable, which means being prepared is critical for patient safety and keeping your reputation intact. Join fellow experts and peers for the updates, strategies, and connections that will help you create a framework for a proactive, resilient security strategy.

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