Accelerating the Diagnostic Process with EHR System Alerts

CHICAGO (October 17, 2017) – Healthcare organizations across the nation are facing rising occurrences of sepsis, the body’s extreme response to an infection, which can be fatal if not treated in early stages.

Recognizing that every hour of delay in recognition and treatment of sepsis dramatically increases the risk of death or organ failure, Lafayette General Health (LGH) knew that leveraging state-of-the-art, innovative health IT systems would be their best bet in combatting and reducing sepsis rates among patients.

Arriving one day in the emergency room at an LGH facility was a 35-year-old oil field engineer. This patient had sustained a leg injury a few days prior, which still showed no signs of healing.

A system alert triggered through the electronic health record (EHR) within minutes of the initial interaction with staff. The alert instantly notified the patient, his nurse and his physician of the patient’s precarious condition with major indicators present for a sepsis outbreak. The seamless communication and speedy response time of the organization’s EHR facilitated the quick diagnosis. LGH staff began treatment on this patient before the condition reached an advanced stage, issuing aggressive fluids and antibiotics within mere moments of the system’s alert. With this immediate treatment, the patient avoided possible long-term effects of sepsis and made a full recovery.

HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

HIMSS is proud to recognize Lafayette General Health for their achievement of the 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award.

The HIMSS Davies Award recognizes outstanding achievement of organizations that have utilized health information technology to substantially improve patient outcomes and value. The Davies Awards program promotes health information technology-enabled improvement in patient outcomes through sharing case studies and lessons learned on implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice adherence, and patient engagement.

“Using technology is critical to improving our care delivery,” said Mike Dozier, LGH vice president and chief information officer. “This award shows how well LGH is using the best of technology in collaboration with our medical team to provide the most timely and appropriate care leading to shorter lengths of stay and better medical outcomes.”

“Through their embrace of health IT and leveraging their HER to improve patient outcomes, Lafayette General Health has become better equipped to combat instances of sepsis, and other health issues that other healthcare organizations are seeing more and more frequently,” stated Jonathan French, CPHIMS, senior director, quality and patient safety, and director, Davies Award of Excellence Program, HIMSS. “HIMSS congratulates the team members of Lafayette General Health on being selected as a Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recipient.”

HIMSS will recognize Lafayette General Health (LGH) at the HIMSS18 Awards Gala at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Register for HIMSS18 here.

Learn more about how Lafayette General Health (LGH) has achieved excellence with health IT by listening to their use cases.


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