Adventist Health System Improves Patient Care with Health IT

In honor of its dedication to the improvement of quality care and patient safety, Florida Hospital Waterman has received an initial  Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 7 validation, and Florida Hospital Carrollwood has received an EMRAM Stage 7 revalidation.

Since  implementation at Florida Hospital Waterman in 2006, electronic medical records (EMRs) have improved the quality and safety of patient care. “Achievement of HIMSS Analytics® EMRAM Stage 7 further demonstrates Florida Hospital Waterman’s commitment to integrate technology and teamwork to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care we provide our patients,” said David Ottati, president and CEO of Florida Hospital Waterman. “We are utilizing these advances to better engage physicians, the patient, their loved ones and caregivers in a care plan that ultimately results in safer, more efficient, cost effective care for our patients.”

“The team at Florida Hospital Waterman is making great use of their EMR capabilities, especially when it comes to a holistic care team approach.  They have implemented an APACHE (Acute Physiology Age Chronic Health) tool in innovative ways to give patients’ family members a visual representation of their loved one’s health status and prognosis, to improve clinician documentation, and to engage community stakeholders in ongoing support following discharge,” said John H. Daniels, CNM, FACHE, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, global vice president, healthcare advisory services group, HIMSS Analytics.

Florida Hospital Carrollwood is also relentlessly focused on quality and patient safety, as evidenced by the “A” grades the facility received in 2015 and 2016 for patient safety.

Constant surveillance of patients and the prompt identification of possible infection risks are facilitated by a strong chain of communication to reduce instances of infection, which can be credited to Florida Hospital Carrollwood’s team-oriented approach and robust use of technology and other automated solutions.

“I am incredibly proud of our team here at Florida Hospital Carrollwood, and the continued efforts each member has made to enhance and improve upon our already strong focus on quality and patient safety,” said Joe Johnson, president and CEO, Florida Hospital Carrollwood. “Integrating technology to enhance our evidence-based, best-practice medicine ensures our patients receive the best care possible.”

 “Florida Hospital Carrollwood presented an impressive infection-prevention program driven by analytics strategy. They have used analytics to implement EMR process interventions that have resulted in a significant decrease in the number of infections over the last year. They are not focused on the information technology itself; they are focused on how best to use it to drive improvements across the organization,” said Daniels, HIMSS Analytics.

Florida Hospital Carrollwood and Florida Hospital Waterman will be recognized at the 2017  HIMSS Conference & Exhibition on Feb. 19-23, 2017, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Visit the HIMSS Analytics website for more information on the  EMRAM Stage 7 Award.  

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