Annual patient engagement check-up


Health and wellness often top the list of personal New Year’s resolutions and it’s just as important to take stock in the best healthcare practices to engage patients in 2017.  

Last year we were getting ready for Patient Engagement 2.0 with digital advancements and connectivity. This year we’re taking it one giant step further and harnessing the ability to customize the patient experience with technological advances that have transformed other industries.

So there’s no better time for a check-up, than before HIMSS17, to make sure you’re on the right path to successfully engaging your patients on their health and wellness journey.

Think Beyond the Patient Portal

Patient portals are the original gateway into digital engagement in healthcare, but it is no longer enough. Our industry has evolved past patient portals, and so too should your patient engagement strategy.

“Positive patient engagement means reaching patients where they are and connecting with them the way they like to communicate. Patients want timely information about their health and treatment and what next steps to take,” said Molly McCarthy, RN, MBA, Chief Nursing Strategist, Microsoft US Health & Life Sciences.

Offering patients relevant information before they ask for it is a good way to keep patients engaged in their care.

On-Demand Value-Based Care

As we shift towards value-based care, connecting with patients outside the care setting will be critically important. Customized and coordinated patient care is effective in addressing preventive, chronic or acute patient needs by connecting patients and providers across the health care system.

“Providers have to see patients as a partner with a real voice and a personal vested interest in care. Patients are quickly becoming the CEO of their own healthcare, and the value-based model is more crucial in the physician-patient relationship,” said Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer for Femwell Group Health, Inc.

Meet Patients at Their Digital Devices

Patients use technology in all aspects of their lives. Whether in retail, travel or leisure, they have come to expect and appreciate digital advances to assist in navigating everyday tasks.

Healthcare providers need to meet the needs of the on-the-go lifestyles of healthcare consumers where they are most active – their own devices. Providers need to ensure access to information — any time, any place and on any device.

Move Beyond “Point” Solutions

It's time to evolve from patient engagement point solutions of CRM, outreach, portals and post-care engagement, to a single well-designed experience for patient and provider. This allows for seamless experiences for patients and maintenance-free solutions for providers.

“Our strategy of consolidating our patient engagement approach has led to a seamless experience for the patient and increased scalability from an IT perspective,” said Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Miami Children's Health System.

We look forward to a year of positive changes in the healthcare industry. For more insight into a patient-centered approach to engagement, visit