ARcare’s Transformation by Digital Health Adoption

HIMSS Analytics recognizes ARcare for revalidation of their status as a Stage 7 hospital as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM


CHICAGO (August 3, 2017) – ARcare is a healthcare organization driven by an important mission: to serve ‘the least, the last and the lost,’ as stated by CEO Dr. Steve Collier. Since 1986, ARcare has focused efforts on delivering quality care for all – not excluding the many patients who struggle to afford the rising costs of healthcare in the US. Though not a free clinic, ARcare offers discounted rates to Arkansas and Kentucky patients that make possible both affordable and efficient healthcare for all – regardless of restrictions by insurance coverage and affordability. Their devotion to making healthcare services accessible to all has made them a top choice for patients in the surrounding communities of ARcare’s nearly 30 family practice clinics.


A major part of the organization’s success can be attributed to their implementation of health IT as a vital part of their healthcare processes. By embracing the EMRAM, ARcare has significantly advanced their patient services. The organization has committed tirelessly to identifying and deploying process changes, such as patient reminders, standing orders, and screening/testing recommendations. Relayed electronically, these process changes displayed substantial advancement of services in a more efficient manner for patients and staff alike.


By embracing the EMRAM, ARcare has been able to significantly advance their patient services.


“ARcare is an organization made up of federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) that serve communities in Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi. Their use of the EMR is, of course, effective and completely paperless. However, I was most impressed by their pediatric services, where they go beyond the healthcare needs of the child; they teach life skills, gardening and eating habits. ARcare has a positive impact on the communities they serve in so many positive ways,” said Philip Bradley, regional director, HIMSS Analytics.


By implementing standardized approaches based on the EMRAM model, ARcare showed the following improved results:

  • HbA1c: 82%
  • BP measurement: 100%
  • Depression screening: 90%
  • Self-management goals: 98%

These results have provided substantial benefits to patients through improved health outcomes, increased internal opportunities for creating revenue, and has benefited the healthcare system through reduced medical costs for specific patient populations.


ARcare’s Chief Information Officer, Greg Wolverton, FHIMSS, stated, “The HIMSS Analytics EMRAM staging score is less about a score and more about a roadmap and journey that facilitates our transformation of healthcare through technology. One of the most fascinating parts of the EMRAM is the identification of any gaps in the systems, our people and our processes. We will continue our journey beyond Stage 7 in order to challenge ourselves to deliver the absolute best healthcare that is enhanced with international best practice and continue our transformation towards improving care and drive better outcomes.”


About ARCare

ARcare is a Federally Qualified Health Center based in Augusta, Arkansas with 68 sites located in Arkansas (ARcare) and Kentucky (KentuckyCare) that provide Primary Care, HIV Specialty Care and Case Management, Pharmacy, Specialized Chronic Care Services, Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Population Health Management. These multiple sites dedicated to a single mission – Health for All.


About HIMSS Analytics
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