Behind the Scenes with the Annual Conference Education Committee

There are many working parts that come together to create a successful annual conference each year. In order to maximize each attendee’s experience, we work each year to provide a wide variety of educational offerings to all. Is nursing informatics your specialty? Perhaps you’re looking to sharpen your knowledge of data analytics or interoperability. Maybe you’re a cybersecurity expert looking to expand your network. No matter what your specialization or interest is, there’s something for everyone in health IT at HIMSS18.

Packaging all that health IT encompasses into one convention center takes a lot of careful planning and strategizing. With over 45,000 people attending each year and so many important topics to address, how do we ensure that the events and exhibits at HIMSS18 will evoke a meaningful learning experience for all? That’s where the ACEC (Annual Conference Education Committee) comes in.

The role of ACEC committee members

Throughout the year, the ACEC works to identify, program, and balance topics, speakers and events appropriately so that each attendee’s experience at conference is enhanced by a diverse offering of educational opportunities. The ACEC members represent a broad cross-section of HIMSS membership, bringing a variety of different perspectives to the table each year in order to ensure each conference is unique in its offerings. Members serve a two-year term so there is always half of the committee with experience and half with fresh new perspectives.

Every year the educational tracks are updated, changed and tweaked to keep conference activities relevant to health IT’s current direction. The committee members play a large part in advising how HIMSS education can reflect the needs, interests and trends in the industry at large.

One of my favorite parts of serving on a HIMSS committee is getting to meet and work with people from all over the country, who work in different aspects of health IT. I really value the relationships I’ve developed with both our committee members and the HIMSS staff who provide such great support.

What’s cooking for HIMSS18?

  • We have three new topics planned for HIMSS18: Pharmacy Standards and Technology, Public Policy, and the Social, Psychosocial, and Behavioral Determinants of Health.
  • General Education will have two primary formats: lectures, and essential conversations, which consist of informative lectures followed by thoughtful group discussion.
  • There will be a large focus on innovation this year, and we will provide many opportunities for networking within educational sessions.
  • As always, we also have some nationally recognized speakers lined up that you definitely won’t want to miss.

HIMSS18 will showcase a variety of high quality educational offerings to choose from this year; the main challenge for attendees will be deciding which educational sessions, events and exhibits to attend! Although we’ve said it before, we’re expecting one of the best conferences yet – don’t miss it!


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