The Best Podcasts for Healthcare IT Leaders

The Best Podcasts for Healthcare IT Leaders

Innovation that Sticks
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In this episode we discuss the importance of patient satisfaction, how a fear of innovations such as artificial intelligence is preventing the healthcare industry from moving forward, and how the need of a financial realignment will lead to a cultural revolution in the way we consume healthcare.

Steps to Value
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What does the transformation of healthcare look like from the population health perspective? In this episode, we talk about the mindset shift patients and providers are currently going through to move from episodic healthcare to continuous life care.

Code Red
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Is there a relationship between security and the patient experience? We dive into how to better manage the way security is perceived by customers and staff and the tricky area of demonstrating the return on investment in security.

Innovation Rising
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This episode shares an investment fund’s focus on building companies that empower connected informed health consumers to improved outcomes, facilitating the change from sick-care to wellcare.