Blockchain in Healthcare Articles You May Have Missed

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Blockchain in healthcare: three words igniting excitement in the hearts of health information and technology professionals everywhere. With numerous ideas and solutions, it can be difficult to envision what blockchain actually means for health. Learn from subject matter experts on how to break through the noise and get the facts on blockchain.

5 Blockchain Developments in 2018

in 2018 blockchain moved from mostly hype to early technological developments, proofs-of-concept and pilot projects. Read more in Healthcare IT News

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For Healthcare Data Security, Blockchain Can be a Valuable Piece of the Puzzle

Blockchain can protect data integrity and streamline patient consent, but it should be used in conjunction with other technologies and procedures. Read more in MobiHealthNews | View MobiHealth's Blockchain Collection

The First Health Insurance Company to Master Blockchain will 'Rule,' Expert Says

Blockchain will eventually connect payers not only to providers, but to pharmacists in an end-to-end transaction from first encounter to post-op. Read more in Healthcare Finance News


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Blockchain Forum: What Blockchain Is and Isn’t
Blockchain Breakfast Panel: Blockchain Reality: Perspectives from the Frontlines of Healthcare