Business Edge Bids Readers a Fond Farewell

During its more than seven years of publication, Business Edge has delivered nearly 1,000 articles to a consistent base of more than 12,000 subscribers.  It has seen the transition within HIMSS from a focus on the financial activities within healthcare, under the Medical Banking banner, to a recognition of the applicability of healthcare IT to the full spectrum of healthcare administrative activities under the content banner of Health Business Solutions.  It has covered such diverse topics as the introduction to what would become known as Obamacare, the times and trials of ICD-10, the use of Big Data in Clinical and Business Intelligence, the expansion of telehealth, the stops and starts in patient and identity matching, emerging payment models, and all things revenue cycle management-related.  It has been a tremendous run, but as the number of healthcare publications, blogs and other social media resources have increased, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of page views for Business Edge.  As a result, this will be the last publication of our e-newsletter.

A huge thank-you to all of our Business Edge Task Force volunteers who have shared time and resources over the years.  You have been the lifeblood of this publication.  Your dedication to educating the healthcare community about the administrative challenges in our healthcare delivery system, innovative solutions to address those challenges, and thought-provoking conversations about whether those challenges even need to exist has made this e-newsletter viable in an environment of constant change.  

I would be remiss if I did not also recognize the many contributors who have volunteered countless hours researching and writing content, or interviewing subject matter experts for their input on the administrative issues within healthcare.

A special shout-out to John Casillas, responsible for the initial launch of the Business Edge, and Joanne Bartley, without whom the publication of this newsletter would not be possible.  Although her name has never appeared in a by-line, Joanne is the heart and soul of this publication.  She herds the cats with a firm but humorous hand to ensure articles meet HIMSS standards and timelines, and coordinates with internal website staff to deliver a professional product.  Hats off, too, to that same internal website staff for all of their support throughout the years.  

Health Business Solutions and the issues it addresses will not be going away.  In HIMSS FY18, we will focus on administrative simplification activities that support realization of the Quadruple Aim, including revenue cycle improvement, prior authorization, and empowering shared decision-making between patients and providers.  Our Alternative Payments Model Infrastructure task force will expand its collection of tools and resources, deliver educational webinars, and host a HIMSS18 pre-conference symposium, and our Health Business Technology task force will participate in an examination of the application of Blockchain across the healthcare delivery continuum while continuing to support the work of the HIMSS Government Relations team.  Check out the articles by our task force chairs to learn more.

The voice of Health Business Solutions will continue to be heard through a number of HIMSS publications.  To stay informed, check out the following:

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Until next we meet again, we wish you health, happiness and administrative ease!

About the author: Pam has more than 25 years' healthcare industry experience. As the Senior Director of Health Business Solutions for HIMSS, she oversees the overall management and strategy development for HIMSS Health Business Solutions initiatives.