Career Reflections as an Organizational Affiliate Member

As you’ve matured in your health IT career and achieved a subject matter expert status, you’re no doubt looking to network with peers in highly specialized knowledge areas, take the jump to senior and executive management, or move into the consulting space. HIMSS takes a holistic approach to developing your skills through targeted professional development, networking opportunities, and career advice and information.

I’ve been a member of HIMSS for the majority of my professional career, and I’ve also invested in the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate program, so that my employees could benefit, too.

  •  In my early career, HIMSS helped raise my profile within my organization, providing professional knowledge and support.
  • As a member of my local HIMSS chapter, I’ve connected with new colleagues, with whom I’ve exchanged best practices, challenges and management prowess.
  • Through the HIMSS Resource Library, I’ve been able to peruse the latest health IT reviews and reports online. (Yes, those were paper when I first started. That doesn’t date me, does it?)

The value to network with other like-minded professionals to share ideas, information and opportunities provides not only fellowship but personal reward as well. By exchanging ideas, you can lend your voice to the organization that represents the health IT community. And as you reach the heights of your professional trajectory, you can continue to network with peers operating in the same space. HIMSS also provides volunteer opportunities, so you can give back to the profession that has provided you with so much enjoyment and satisfaction. 

I believe that experience plays an important part in your development as a health IT professional. Experience can be gained through our day-to-day work life, but it can also be gained by taking time to listen to others and their experiences. HIMSS offers a diverse and ongoing array of events that provide exactly that opportunity.

A group membership through the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate program allows all of your employees to access this wealth of information, experience and expertise from fellow HIMSS members, along with special industry events.

I’m passionate about HIMSS – and I hope that you will consider the many benefits of the Organizational Affiliate program for your organization. I hope to call you and your colleagues fellow HIMSS members soon.

Will Showalter, MPA, MURP, is senior vice-president and chief information officer. Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, Information Technology Department

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