Chief Nursing Information Officer (CNIO)

At Inova today, I hold the privilege of being the first Chief Nursing Information Officer (CNIO) for this health care system. It is my job to provide visionary leadership and establish direction for a comprehensive clinical informatics and education program with a primary focus on clinical and nursing practice, administration, research and academic partnership in support of interdisciplinary patient driven care. In an effort to assure we are a high reliability organization for patient care, I strive to provide leadership within operational informatics and educational programming to support the organizational goals.   I oversee and lead all aspects of staffing, including workface planning, recruiting, performance management, career development and compliance for the informatics.

I provide for an interdisciplinary team that leads strategy, development and implementation of information technology to support nursing, nursing practice, clinical applications and clinical / operational decision-making in addition to incorporating the operational needs that encompass and support revenue cycle informatics, for 5 Inova hospitals, 6 Alliance hospitals in addition to over 300 Clinics.

I see my role as CNIO, as one that creates a climate that promotes staff engagement and I hope to inspire nurses to adopt innovation as they think about their work at the side of a patient. All this is being considered in order to impact the overall outcomes of all who we are privileged to serve every time and with every touch of our patients.

 I started my career 36 years ago as a critical care nurse. I loved taking care of people, but what added to the excitement of my workday at that time, was the intrigue of knowing how to use the equipment and the tools that were a little more sophisticated in the critical care areas at that time. I worked closely with the very few IT staff that the hospital had and I made every effort to be part if not lead  the innovative changes that were happening that would improve the way we care for patients. Understanding process, working with people to improve care, and the excitement of technology was in my DNA from the start!

What I have discovered as a leader is that being successful in anything requires that you are consistent and continuously working through your strengths and your staff’s strengths. If one is consistently developing their own strengths, and in my case, I loved people- process- and technology, you will be in your success zone.  As a leader and a mentor in Informatics, I work hard every day to help the people that work with me identify and develop their strengths ,which I believe in the end , will lead to excellent outcomes .

About the Contributor

Patricia J. Mook, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CAHIMS, is the Chief Nursing Information Officer at Inova Health System and Chair of the HIMSS Nursing Informaticist Committee.