Connecting Care to the Final Rules: Learning Formats For Everyone

When HIMSS announced that the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Modifications, the Meaningful Use Stage 3 Final Rules, the 2015-2017 Certification Criteria Final Rule, and the Interoperability Roadmap Final Version 1.0 were released recently, the #HIMSS Professional Development Department launched an all-out assault to design educational offerings that are poised to educate multiple generations of #healthIT professionals.

How so?

While we are cognizant of how learners learn, we once again took a hard look at exactly how learners learn. With three final rules and one map to review and with the potential of up to four generations working together simultaneously (Traditionalists 70+), Baby Boomers (51-69), Generation X (35-50), and Millenials (18-34) in a health IT setting, adhering to the principles of adult education for health IT professionals is both exciting and challenging.

At HIMSS, we have purposely designed a variety of education that reaches a maximum number of adult learners. To dive deeply into the meaning surrounding the various final rules, HIMSS has designed two virtual briefings hosted live (and with content available on-demand) one on October 23rd and one on October 30th, one in-person event at the HIMSS Connected Care Conference, blog posts, Twitter Chats, purposeful social engagement by subject matter experts, speakers, thought leadership through the HIMSS Meaningful Use OneSource, and others. And, we anticipate the in-person conversation to continue at HIMSS16. All these educational activities are designed to help us #connect2care to the final rules.

Why do we do this? By taking an integrated approach to marketing, communications, education, and exhibition, members can be assured that HIMSS has applied the principles of adult education to appeal to a variety of learners.

So, immerse yourself in our educational offerings for the final rules and continue the conversation.

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