Continuing Professional Education: A HIMSS16 that Promises to Deliver

While finalizing continuing educational programming for HIMSS16, we are pleased that the breadth and depth of offerings that include continuing education are nothing short of amazing. And even if you don’t seek continuing contact hours for CME, ABPM LLSA, CNE, CHCIO, ACHE, or a host of other credentials, you can be assured that the education offered at HIMSS16 has been designed in a commercially-free and unbiased way that adheres to the principles of adult education.

Although we do our best to work with our speakers to create content that is compelling and meets continuing education standards, we can never be really sure which sessions will receive which credit until we submit the content to our CE providers and receive feedback. We do this because programming that receives continuing education as evaluated by third parties like the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, ABPM, Project Management Institute, and others is highly credible and follows rigorous standards and guidelines. We are pleased that some of our content will receive enduring (on-demand) credit, too, which will greatly enhance attendees’ access to continuing professional education.

What does this mean to you? If you are a physician seeking CME and/or ABPM Part II MOC LLSA, you may attend up to 20 in-person sessions at HIMSS16 to receive credit. Similarly, nurses seeking CNE can expect to also earn credits for up to 20 in-person sessions. At the conclusion of HIMSS16, the live sessions will be reviewed and assigned enduring credit across as many CE providers as possible. Once we receive approval for enduring credit, we will make an announcement. As in the past, we expect the total number of sessions to be very close to the total complement offered at HIMSS16. (Please see the charts below for further information.)

To date, we have received the following with the total number of sessions approved for credit.





By using the HIMSS Learning Center as our platform for enduring credit for both CE and non-CE learners, our process will allow attendees and non-attendees alike to listen to sessions that have been recorded and synchronized with PowerPoint. For CME, ABPM LLSA, and CNE, learners will then take a post-test through our CE provider’s portal.

And the news gets better. HIMSS16 conference attendees registered with paid registration for HIMSS16 as a member, nonmember, endorser, government, organizational affiliate, or student will receive all session recordings complimentary. For those attending HIMSS16 as single day, exhibit hall only, events only, exhibitor, volunteer, supplier, press, complimentary registration, or international delegation, attendees do not qualify for the complimentary access, but, attendees (or non-attendees too) may purchase session recordings prior to conference and on-site at HIMSS16 for $149 or post-conference for $249. More information is available here.

Because the ABPM LLSA board certification for clinical informatics is so new, attached are the actual HIMSS16 sessions that have been approved for this credit.

To review the entire list of HIMSS16 educational sessions and others, please click here.

So, do as I do and take advantage of our exceptional educational programming to maintain your continuing professional education requirements by attending HIMSS16 in-person and through on-demand access.