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Accelerating Health Systems' Digital Transformation: Why Digital Health Must Be the New Standard in a Post-COVID-19 World

Highlighting the guidance from the WHO Global Strategy on Digital Health, leading health and tech experts discuss the framework adjustments needed to harness our digital capabilities and create data ecosystems that efficiently tackle future crises.

Future of Clinical Care: The Impact and Opportunity of COVID

Responding to COVID, the healthcare industry has accomplished more in 2020 in the adoption of telehealth than all the previous years put together. Providence Health System has been on the forefront of the US attack on the Coronavirus. Join Dr. Compton-Phillips as she follows up on the journey of COVID and gives perspective to the Future of Clinical Care.

ONC Releases Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement Resources

The Washington Perspective: A Fireside Chat with the ONC National Coordinator

National Coordinator for Health IT Dr. Donald Rucker and HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf discuss the various requirements of ONC's 21st Century Cures Act regulations and the critical need for interoperability to address the current global pandemic.

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CMS Issues Guidance to States on Using Health Information and Technology to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

The Forgotten Ones: COVID-19's Impact on the Underserved Communities

A panel of thought leaders explores issues, including access to care and social determinants of health, being amplified by COVID-19 and how to change the narrative between health systems/providers and underserved communities.

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Modernizing U.S. Public Health Data Systems and Core Infrastructure

Deploying Technology During COVID: Reimagining the Technology Needed to Meet the Current Crisis

This webcast covers the technological needs presented by the COVID 19 Pandemic for Education, Communication, and Clinical Delivery; and specific use cases across Northwell Health related to new deployments of current technology

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Developing an Engaged Nursing Informatics Culture

From the Frontlines: European Nurses facing COVID-19

This first in a series of European-wide webinars focuses on challenges nurses face in the acute sector frontline response to COVID-19 and shared experiences from various countries currently engaged in the public health crisis.

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Leveraging Social Determinants of Health Data to Improve Accountable Care Delivery and Gain a Complete Picture of Patients’ Needs #NHITWeek

Message of Hope from the Healthcare Community

We reached out to our community of healthcare professionals to hear their thoughts and feelings about belonging to the journey of resilience and shared fight against the most significant pandemic of our lifetimes. They responded with a message of hope, encouragement and most inspiring determination we would like to share with the world. Enjoy the video, and remember, everything will be alright!

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A man and a woman look a graphs projected on a large screen.

Pandemics: How Has Innovation Prepared the Nordic Countries?

While the Nordics face the same demographic, economic and technological challenges as everyone, their approach to collaborative and innovative healthcare and crisis management is more relevant than ever in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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