Decryptors Released for TeslaCrypt and CryptXXX Ransomware #HITSecurity

TeslaCrypt ransomware victims can now decrypt affected files using a decryptor.  The authors of TeslaCrypt have reportedly released a master key for decrypting any files encrypted by this ransomware strain.  A security researcher is credited with producing a free decryption tool.  This decryptor software is said to unlock files encrypted by TeslaCrypt versions 3.0 and 4.0, including files with .xxx, .ttt, .micro, and .mp3 file extensions.

Other ransomware strains, such as CryptXXX, have been on the rise.  However, it has been reported that researchers have released a decryption tool for this ransomware strain as well, RannohDecryptor.  Files that have been encrypted with CryptXXX bear filename extensions, such as “.crypt.”  Additional information on CryptXXX and the RannohDecryptor may be found here.


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