Dell Joins HIMSS Innovation Center as an Industry Collaborator

CLEVELAND (January 26, 2016) –  Dell has joined major players in health information technology (IT) by participating in the HIMSS Innovation Center as an industry collaborator.

Within the 30,000-foot facility on Cleveland’s lakefront, Dell can further showcase its end-to-end technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Dell’s interactive display at the center asks, “Is your organization future ready?” Dell Healthcare solutions can help turn data into knowledge and transform healthcare with proactive prevention, effective population health management and personalized precision medicine.

“We are excited to join the state-of-the-art HIMSS Innovation Center and gain a new opportunity to share our technology solutions to address big data, mobility, security and cloud with healthcare providers in a collaborative environment,” said John Mullen, vice president and general manager, large institution sales at Dell. “Dell’s flexible, scalable and secure solutions are accelerating innovation with our healthcare customers to enable better patient outcomes.”

While having access to collaborative exhibition and meeting space within the HIMSS Innovation Center, Dell also will benefit from the center’s location adjacent to the Global Center for Health Innovation. Executives associated with both centers welcomed Dell to this collaborative community.

“The HIMSS Innovation Center helps prepare visitors for the future by presenting health care initiatives and collaborator products and services. Dell’s focus on future-ready technology and services adds to our visitors’ rich information-gathering experience, and Dell’s exciting contributions to creating value for health IT make it an outstanding partner,” said Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, HIMSS North America executive vice president.

Fred DeGrandis, managing director and chief administrative officer of the Global Center for Health Innovation, said, “We are pleased to have Dell, a global leader in innovation, join the HIMSS collaborative community. Creative thinking is what happens in the Global Center and Dell adds distinctive value with its technology solutions to help the healthcare industry be more efficient and effective in delivering better patient outcomes.”

A marquee venue for brands wishing to market health IT-related services
The HIMSS Innovation Center stands as a marquee venue for organizations wishing to showcase their expertise, build their brands and market their health IT-related services both locally and globally. As a result, two years after its opening, 20 collaborators are actively engaged. HIMSS Innovation Center collaborators can join at one of three levels – Strategic, Industry and Supporting.

Founding collaborators are Alego Health, Federal Health Architecture, HealthIT.gov and MCPc. Industry collaborators are CareFusion, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Dell, Fujitsu, IHE USA ICSA Labs, Netscout Systems and OnX Enterprise Solutions. Supporting collaborators are Calfee, CDW Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Direct Consulting Associates, John Carroll University, Juniper Networks, ScriptPro, Sectra, and Total Voice Technologies.

To learn more about the HIMSS Innovation Center, go to http://www.himssinnovationcenter.org.

About HIMSS North America
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