In Digital Health, Everything Contributes to Value

HIMSS has done some major reorganization within its Health IT Value Suite.

When HIMSS’s value project first began a few years ago, our idea was to collect evidence of information technology’s value in the healthcare sector. As the project continues to evolve, you’ll continue to see changes in how and what we present on the topic of value. I want to take this opportunity to put the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite in perspective, outline the changes, and explain what all this means, not only to our members but to other stakeholders as well.

The majority of providers in the U.S. now use information technology. We’ve made great progress in implementing technology. So what do we do with that progress? How can we use that progress to accomplish great things for our patients and our organizations?

A little history

The first phase of the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite, back in 2013, involved collecting evidence of health IT, with a preference for demonstrated value examples. HIMSS sought out examples of measurable value from real physicians, hospitals and other organizations.

As our value story collection grew, we soon had enough information to use to identify patterns. From those patterns HIMSS created its Health IT STEPS framework, which provides the healthcare industry with a language around value so that healthcare stakeholders can talk more clearly about it, seek it out, and learn to measure it.

We also developed a handful of what we originally called “Pathways to Value,” which were short, high-level guides built from insights and expertise from HIMSS North America committee members to help organizations successfully create their own initiatives around a given topic area, such as patient engagement. More people viewed the Pathways to Value than we ever expected, and they continue to be some of the most popular content in the Health IT Value Suite.

Measuring value, managing value

The Value Score was the next resource HIMSS developed for its value product portfolio, and it is designed to give healthcare providers a way to measure their innovative use of IT. For years, HIMSS has recognized organizations for innovative use of IT through highlighting them through our Davies Award of Excellence program. A Davies Award is the culmination of achievement in optimizing value through IT.

Features of the newly redesigned Health IT Value Suite

With the Health IT Value Suite’s new design, we’ve brought all of HIMSS’s value-focused resources together:

  • Value Score,
  • Guides to Value, and
  • Davies Award of Excellence.

HIMSS redesigned its new Health IT Value Suite, so it can better act as a resource you can use to help identify how well your organization drives value out of its digital health technologies and associated processes.

You can also use the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite and its STEPS framework to help identify where you see opportunities to drive more value from your people, processes and technology. How did others do it? What were their outcomes?

Finally, through the Health IT Value Suite’s Guides to Value, you can learn from our member and staff content experts how they accomplished their value-focused goal and how their best practice can support your own efforts. After assessing and driving growth in your health IT value optimization strategies, you may even find your organization receiving a Davies Award in recognition of your organization’s accomplishments!

Our goal here at HIMSS is to continue to add timely content that is relevant to your quest to maximize the value of your digital health investments.

In addition to the Health IT Value Suite’s Guides to Value, you’ll find

  • links to STEPS to Value, the Suite’s exclusive podcast focused on the transition to value-based care delivery,
  • blogs from thought leaders across the HIMSS ecosystem, and
  • other relevant content that illuminates the relationship between dozens of IT topics and the contribution each of those topics make in the efforts to optimize value.

The Value Suite team and I are excited to share the newly redesigned site with you, and look forward to your suggestions, comments and contributions on how we can make the Health IT Value Suite more useful in your health IT-related strategic planning.


Manage your investment in IT and take advantage of the value of IT with resources from the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite.