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EMRAM Express: A Faster Path to EMRAM Validation

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In response to requests from healthcare systems and providers in the earlier stages of the digital transformation journey, HIMSS has developed EMRAM Express as the first step toward achieving full validation on EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model), the globally recognized gold standard in digitally enabled healthcare delivery.  

The world's most recognized digital healthcare maturity model is now available in an abbreviated format, offering a quick and cost-friendly option to get started on the road to digital transformation. 

HIMSS has launched this project in the North America region, testing an innovative approach to EMR capability assessments for healthcare facilities.  

HIMSS invites healthcare facilities in the United States and Canada that are in the earlier stages of the digital healthcare journey to assess their EMR capabilities with theEMRAM Express maturity model assessment. 

EMRAM Express offers a faster, cheaper and less resource-intensive option for health systems to assess baseline capability and inform the strategic roadmap to digital health.   

EMRAM Express uses a subset of EMRAM indicators that assess for Stages 0 to 5 on the full, eight-stage EMRAM assessment. Any healthcare facility can use EMRAM Express to assess its EMR adoption maturity up to EMRAM Stage 5. 

Once Stage 5 is achieved, HIMSS recommends advancing to full EMRAM to realize the critical impact of digitally enabled healthcare delivery at the very highest levels of digital maturity, Stages 6 and 7.  

For a limited time, EMRAM Express is available during the North America introductory period at a significantly reduced price, purchased online through the HIMSS website 

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