Ensuring Effective HIMSS Leadership

When we’re less than two months away from local, state, and national elections in the US, anyone reading this blog posting has been made increasingly aware of the positives and negatives of the pool of candidates from which we will be electing our next leaders.

As voters, our job is to educate ourselves on the candidates and cast informed ballots. The job of our delegates – be it for major national elections, or members of a nominating committee – is to execute a nomination process that is transparent and full of integrity. And, just recently, I had an experience that reminded me of the importance of this behind-the-scenes work that – through a highly credible and thoughtful governance process – can ensure the long-term stability and direction of non-profit organizations.

Nominating Committee for HIMSS North America

On Friday, Sept. 9, I had the privilege of attending HIMSS North America’s Nominating Committee meeting. The nominating committee is the by-laws chartered, independent body that recruits and creates the slate for the incoming directors of the HIMSS North America Board of Directors, and the slate for HNA’s Nominating Committee itself.

HNA’s Nominating Committee is a composite of:

  • six voting members elected by HIMSS’s members to serve two-year terms;
  • four voting members who are former HNA Board members serving one-year terms; and
  • two non-voting members (the committee’s chair and me). 

Together, the HNA Nominating Committee is charged with creating two slates: one for the nominating committee and a second for the HIMSS North America Board of Directors. This approach provides the process with ongoing stability, as well as refreshing the committee with current institutional knowledge of HNA’s governance direction.

Nominating Committee Members

The 2016 HNA Nominating Committee’s Chair is Beth Casey Halley, a principal advisor with MITRE, and the FY17 Vice Chair of the HNA Board of Directors.  Under Beth’s leadership, the committee consists of:

  • Sherri Hess, MS-IS, BSN, RN, FHIMSS
    Associate CNIO, Denver Health
  • Brian R. Jacobs, MD, MS, FHIMSS
    VP & CMIO, Children’s National Medical Center
  • Lesley King, MA, FHIMSS
    VP, Mayo Clinic
  • Paul Kleeberg MD, FAAFP, CPHIT, FHIMSS
    Medical Director, Aledade
  • Ali Loveys, MD, FAAP, FHMISS, ABP-CI
    CMIO, IT Practice Consulting Corporation
  • Mickey McGlynn, FHIMSS
    SVP, Gemini Health
  • Pete Shelkin, MSHA, CISSP, PMP, FHIMSS
    Managing Consultant, Encore
    Physician, Oakwood Medical Consultants

Nominating Committee Process

Through a publicized call in June-August of this year, Senior and Fellow members of HIMSS had the opportunity to declare their candidacy for the nominating committee slate. In August, members of the nominating committee conducted phone interviews of all candidates, asking the same questions of each. Each interviewer summarized the interview findings in writing, and shared them with the group.  During deliberations, the nominating committee carefully and fairly reviewed each candidate, seeking balance and representation for HIMSS North America.   

Voting for Nominating Committee Members

Between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15, all regular and Life HIMSS members will have the opportunity to cast their votes for three of six candidates slated for HNA’s Nominating Committee. The three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected.  Those elected will begin their two-year term of service on Jan. 1, 2017.

For all the elections underway this fall – local, state, national and HIMSS – I urge all those who are eligible to vote to do so. Our power is in our vote.  Let all our leaders – HIMSS and otherwise – hear from us at the ballot box. 

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