A farewell note from the revenue cycle improvement task force chair

I had the privilege of joining the HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force (RCITF) in 2015. I am passionate about consumer-friendly technology tools for patients and providers, so when asked to chair the task force for FY17, I dove in headfirst with the goal of furthering the comprehensive vision for the Patient Financial Experience of the Future laid out by FY15/FY16 Chairman Stuart Hanson and all of our contributing members. 

Achievements of the Task Force in FY17

Our goals in FY17 centered around documenting and showcasing the processes of the vision created by the task force, outlined in the group’s initial white paper and subsequent microsite, which was unveiled in FY16.  

We published Part II of our five part series, “The Patient Financial Experience of the Future.” Each paper in the series focuses on the perceived technical gaps between where we are now and the realization of the task force’s vision for the future of revenue cycle management for a particular stakeholder group.  Part I focused on the patient perspective; Part II focuses on the physician perspective.   Part III, focused on hospitals, will be published at the end of July 2017.

During HIMSS17, members of the task force participated in the first-of-its-kind Interoperability Showcase vignette, focused solely on revenue cycle management.  Attendees had the opportunity to interact with market-leading revenue cycle experts and technology vendors as we demonstrated a patient’s financial journey through an entire episode of care.

Finally, we created a LinkedIn group to socialize the views of the task force while collecting and incorporating input from other stakeholders outside the task force membership where appropriate. In a short time the group has reached nearly 100 members.  Click here to learn more.

In FY18, we’ll look to continue the Patient Financial Experience of the Future series, promote a call for case studies that highlight work being done to move the industry toward the task force’s vision, and participate in HIMSS18 presentations.

Thanks to the Task Force Members

Creating and executing on a vision takes a village, and I owe the achievements of the FY17 task force to our contributing members, who gave their time and expertise to the discussion and development of our deliverables. I want to give a special shout out to Beth Griffin, Asha Strazerro-Wild, and Lisa Tonkinson for going above and beyond in giving both their time and effort, as well as MeShawn Foster for her leadership in creating the RCI LinkedIn Group. I also want to recognize Jonathan Wiik and Josh Byrd for their work on communication and promotion materials throughout the year.

Last but not least, the HIMSS team- Joanne, DonVielle and Pam - are the backbone of this group and I thank them for all of the organization and support they give us.

Passing the Torch

The Task Force will be in great hands as I pass the torch to Beth Griffin. Beth is the Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Healthcare Payment Systems and has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and financial services industries. Becker’s Hospital Review recently named her to their 110 Women in Medtech to Know in 2017 list.  I look forward to her leadership as she guides the RCITF through FY18 and beyond.

About the author:  Bird Blitch is the co-founder and CEO of Patientco, an enterprise patient payments technology company based in Atlanta, GA.