Florida Senators Sign Telehealth Bill Addressing Remote Patient Monitoring

A Florida Senate committee approved a bill (SB 280) to include recommendations focused on remote patient monitoring (RPM),  . as per the suggestion of the state-appointed Telehealth Advisory Panel. This bill addressed limiting prescriptions of controlled substances like opioids across telehealth platforms. Also addressed in the bill was the suggestion to require state licensure to clinicians in order to provide telehealth care.

Policymakers in Florida have debated whether RPM should be eligible for the same healthcare coverage and reimbursements as in-person care. This issue was not included in the current bill.


Remote patient monitoring is used to provide healthcare to patients with chronic diseases like congestive heart failure, diabetes as well as other illnesses. Reaching patients via telehealth has shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce delivery costs.

More information and the education sessions presentations are available online.