The Future of Healthcare Belongs to the Innovators

The Future of Healthcare Belongs to the Innovators

Much has been written about the innovation imperative, but it is starting to feel like an echo chamber. For healthcare to truly be reinvented, innovation needs to happen at scale. Organizations need to start looking to innovation as the strategy rather than just part of strategy. Many people say “healthcare is different” and it is, but it’s not so different that it’s impervious to disruption.

Healthcare providers have historically been sheltered from traditional market forces by a combination of government regulation and the local nature of healthcare delivery. Primary care, which used to be the domain of independent practices, large groups, and health systems, has turned into an attractive market opportunity for private enterprise. These market conditions ushered in direct primary care practices, with the potential to disintermediate health systems from their referral sources.

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The Future of Healthcare Belongs to the Innovators