Guiding the HIMSS Public Policy Voice: Public Policy Principles

In December, the HIMSS North America (HNA) Board of Directors approved an updated version of the HIMSS Public Policy Principles. The 2017-2018 Policy Principles were developed, thanks to our SMEs and Committee Leadership, to address current and potential shifts to the health IT public policy environment and form the basis of HIMSS’ policy activities including development of Congressional Asks and public responses to regulation and analysis of federal and state legislation.

Our Policy Principles serve as guidance for federal and state legislative and regulatory policy and will play a critical role in developing relationships with the Trump Administration. They provide policymakers, our chapters, and our members with well-articulated solutions to inform and shape public discourse on the policy issues of the day, and understanding of how today’s decisions may impact, and be impacted by, the future.

The policy principles also incorporate several new areas of focus and a new strategic format, organized based on four key strategic areas that highlight the value of health IT and build off the focus areas of National Health IT Week 2016:

  • Supporting Care Transformation
  • Expanding Access to High Quality Care
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity
  • Making Communities Healthier

Please contact HIMSS Government Relations with questions on the 2017-2018 Policy Principles.

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