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Healthbox Introduces Idealy, Enhancing the Innovation Platform

Idealy logo, a HIMSS Solution

As a leader in digital health, Healthbox, a HIMSS Solution, is introducing Idealy, a new and improved interactive platform built on a decade of experience managing innovation projects for healthcare organizations.

Now available to a network of healthcare innovators, Idealy expands upon foundational features by providing an updated user interface that allows for multiple portals and access levels to meet any organizational structure or project need.

The platform addresses diverse sets of use cases for intuitive and comprehensive data collection, crowdsourcing and innovation across digital health. Idealy boosts engagement, centralizes internal and external knowledge and supports a variety of organizational programs at leading hospitals and health systems.

Learn more about Healthbox and the Idealy platform.

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Healthbox, a HIMSS Innovation Company and healthcare advisory firm, drives innovation from the inside and out, helping organizations build internal innovation programs, assess the potential of employee-led projects and look to the market to find solutions to implement or invest in.

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