Help Remains a Constant


by Randy Pinnow, CPA, Chair, and


Michael D. Paquin, FHIMSS, Member,
HIMSS Digital Office Task Force

How can you become, or remain, connected to IT and EHR developments important to your medical practice?  Or maybe you just need help moving forward with adoption of new technology.  Regardless of where you are on the journey, here are some references to use in developing or maintaining an EHR and other technologies in your medical practice:

Regional Extension Centers - RECs: If you are just beginning to plan for EHR, start by learning more about the REC in your state or region.  The RECs are organizations backed by federal funding with the mission to support EHR deployment to small medical practices.  They have helped a significant number of physicians plan for and implement EHR’s and have resources to assist with project management, system implementation and meaningful use.  Find the REC nearest to you using the HIMSS State HIT Dashboard.

HIMSS Tools and Resources: Continue to rely on HIMSS as an exceptional resource for your medical practice because information and tools are plentiful at www.himss.org on the HIMSS website. As an example, for a practice interested in learning more about health information exchanges, HIMSS and MGMA-ACMPE provide the Ambulatory Health Information Exchange Toolkit.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Another must-have link is the CMS website for guidance on meaningful use and other EHR Incentive Program topics.

These resources are just a few options for more information on health IT. But after you have established your Internet favorites, take a long look at your personal contacts. 

  • What could you learn from your peers and those health IT trailblazers that have come before you? 
  • Who do you know that succeeded (or failed…) in technology deployment? 

These experiences may have a profound impact on your next move…and both will have plenty to say that you need to hear. 

Randy Pinnow, CPA, is Vice President - Healthcare Business Banking, PNC Healthcare Business Banking, in Milwaukee, Wis. Michael D Paquin, FHIMSS, is with the MDP Group Inc. in Thousand Oaks, Calif.