HHS Offers IT Strategic Plan

During her time at HIMSS17 in Orlando, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Chief Information Officer (CIO), Beth Killoran, spoke about HHS’ recently-released Information Technology Strategic Plan FY 2017-2020 which replaces the HHS IRM Plan, 2014-2018 and is the first IT plan created since the enactment of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).  

The plan represents a collaborative effort across the Department to ensure that HHS realizes the full benefits of IT.  It articulates the primary role of the Operating Divisions (OpDivs) investing and managing IT and recognizes the important coordinating and oversight roles required of the Department Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). The plan was developed through collaboration between all levels of OCIO and the CIO Council, whose members represent the IT communities of every HHS Division.  Due to this collaboration, the HHS IT Strategic Plan serves as the enterprise roadmap for the HHS IT community.  

The plan includes an assessment of where the Department stands with its use and management of IT and outlines a vision for how IT will improve the Department at the end of the four-year planning period.  It identifies five strategic goals and related initiatives that will help move the Department forward in its stewardship of IT for:

  1. IT Workforce
  2. Cybersecurity and Privacy
  3. Shared Services
  4. Interoperability and Usability
  5. IT Management


With over $11 billion in IT spending annually, a strategic vision of how HHS will deliver IT to enable mission programs, grants, and other goods and services is crucial. The IT Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap, outlining several steps we are taking to improve performance and ensure effective implementation of HHS IT.