HIMSS 17: The Year of Precision Health


Picture this current hospital room setting: using technology, patients are tracking their own discharge goals while also ordering meals and scheduling follow-up appointments; clinicians are using touch-enabled devices to get patient information at the right time, and predictive analytics are being collected to help providers determine if patients are likely to acquire infections during their stay (through actively monitoring risk factors like temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and white blood count during stay) or if they are susceptible for an increased length of stay, enabling the provider to allocate more resources or special caregivers in advance, and to assist in discharge planning to help prevent a readmission.

While innovative technology is behind all of the activity in the above scenario, so is the patient; these actions are customized and not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why we are calling 2017 the year of Precision Health, which will also be a major focus area at the upcoming HIMSS Annual Conference in Orlando, Feb. 19-22. 

When the healthcare technology industry gathers next month, a great deal of focus will be on the patient, as it should be. Other industries, such as travel, banking and food service already offer personalized experiences to customers. Healthcare is now making the same headway, so that’s why we see health analytics and collaboration as two of the biggest trends happening in healthcare; they transform the experience for the patient. The situation noted above is currently playing out in health facilities around the world, so we’re on our way.

By utilizing analytics and collaboration, leading healthcare systems are building IT infrastructures that approach treatment based on the uniqueness of the individual, improving patient engagement and satisfaction scores by putting the patient at the center of care, and collecting data outside of the hospital setting to give physicians access to real time information. This focus can lead to real change and ultimately better outcomes at lower costs.

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Join Intel for a meetup with HIMSS Ambassador John Lynn on precision health. Come by booth 2661 on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 2 pm ET and join in on the discussion.