HIMSS Awards Three Stage 6 Accreditations to Apollo Hospitals

Two physicians look after a patients in the intensive care unit in the hospital

Multinational healthcare group Apollo Hospitals is the first system in Asia Pacific to be awarded three Stage 6 certifications for HIMSS digital maturity models.

Apollo Hospitals achieved accreditations for the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM), the Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (O-EMRAM) and the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). It is the second system in the world to be awarded a Stage 6 DIAM certification.

During its DIAM validation, Apollo Hospitals was commended for its use of biomarkers, molecular imaging, and mapping software. It also showed finesse in using graphs and dashboards to understand and manipulate data.

Apollo Hospitals, which operates over 70 private hospitals with more than 12,000 beds across Asia, recognizes the severe shortage of healthcare delivery infrastructure worldwide and aims to meet this need with the deployment of effective technology for healthcare delivery.

The group's patient portal was found to be "one of the finest examples of patient communication" during its O-EMRAM validation. Its patient app features multiple functionalities, including payment options, appointment setting, health monitoring and device integration capability.

Apollo Hospitals also reported no unplanned downtime in the past five years; HIMSS noted this demonstrates the significant effort put into IT security.

Committed to having a pristine quality of healthcare delivery, Apollo Hospitals went through the HIMSS digital maturity assessments because the assessments provided a framework to ensure the group’s digital backbone is top-notch and guided by global best practices.

"Apollo has continued to show commitment and consistency in advancing their digital health capabilities to ensure that they can leverage the full potential of digital technology to continue driving optimal patient outcomes,” said Simon Lin, HIMSS Vice President and Executive Director for Asia-Pacific. “Having already achieved Stage 6 in both the O-EMRAM and INFRAM, Apollo has now become the first in the APAC region and second in the world to achieve DIAM Stage 6, which is truly an amazing feat and a testament to Apollo's commitment.”

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