HIMSS Celebrates World Password Day: Tools and Information You Can Use

HIMSS is a champion of World Password Day 2016World Password Day is an annual initiative on the first Thursday in May which encourages safe password practices.  This year’s theme is multi-factor authentication.  Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of protection usernames and passwords.  In honor of World Password Day, HIMSS has created tools and information you and your organization can use.

HIMSS and the National Cyber Security Alliance have jointly developed an infographic, entitled the “2016 Healthcare Organization’s Guide to Keeping Passwords Safe & Secure Infographic.”  This infographic has practical tips on how your organization and workforce members can keep passwords safe and secure.  Tips from the infographic include the following: (1) enable multi-factor authentication, (2) require that passwords are regularly changed, and (3) change passwords from vendor defaults.  Learn more about the tips showcased in this infographic by listening to the HIMSS Privacy and Security World Password Day podcasts (episodes 6, 7, and 8). 

Additionally, the National Cyber Security Alliance is hosting a #ChatSTC Twitter chat on May 5th at 3PM ET to discuss multi-factor authentication and how organizations can keep their online accounts safer and more secure.  The official Twitter hash tag is #PasswordDay.  Please join in the conversation.

(Update: The #ChatSTC Twitter chat transcript can be accessed here: 

Other privacy and security awareness tools and information are available on the HIMSS Privacy and Security Awareness Initiatives page.  Check out the resources for Data Privacy Day, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Stay Safe Online.

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