HIMSS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology in Healthcare Survey Released

As the healthcare community continues to confront the changes associated with the transition to value-based care, we are strategizing on how to confront issues such as shared risk and strengthening partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem.

The HIMSS Exploring Customer Relationship Management Technology for Healthcare Task Force is focused on defining customer relationship management (CRM) in healthcare and identifying how it can be used in this era of interoperability and value-based care.

HIMSS Analytics defines CRM as “customer relationship management software deals with customer life cycle management, and provides functionality to enterprises in sales, marketing and customer service through operational, collaborative, and analytical components.”

In order for our Task Force to better assess the current state and attitudes toward CRM technology in healthcare, we are calling on the HIMSS community and beyond to share their feedback and ideas about this software specifically designed to enhance your organization’s relationship with customers.


What are your thoughts on CRM technology in healthcare? Share your experience in this quick survey.