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HIMSS Director Lee Kim Recognized for Work with Department of Homeland Security

Lee Kim

Lee Kim, HIMSS director of Thought Advisory, has been appointed as team lead for the Protecting Sensitive Information and Intellectual Property team for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Analytic Exchange Program (AEP).

The AEP is a partnership between the private sector and the U.S. government intelligence community. Each DHS AEP team has a champion on the government side and a leader who contributes expertise and skills, leading day-to-day activities and shepherding the work.

At the end of each year, the program produces an unclassified written educational deliverable. AEP deliverables are generally shared with about 25,000 stakeholders within the intelligence community and the government, as well as the private sector.

Kim served for two years as lead for the AEP Vulnerabilities of Healthcare Information Technology Systems team, and she has also been recognized for her work on its initiatives.

With the AEP healthcare team, Kim served as the primary writer for deliverables Phishing: Don’t be Fooled! and A Lifeline: Patient Safety and Cybersecurity. The healthcare team has been asked to present training sessions on security awareness, including an Amazon Web Services and CrowdStrike webinar on phishing and COVID-19 related threats. Kim continues to work with the healthcare team on a consulting basis as needed, and she served on a panel to kick off this year’s and the previous year’s AEP programs.

For the Protecting Sensitive Information and Intellectual Property, Kim and the team members will work virtually to produce a paper on protecting sensitive information and intellectual property.

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