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HIMSS Joins ‘In Full Health’ Initiative as Founding Collaborator to Advance Equitable Health Innovation

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HIMSS is a founding collaborator for In Full Health, a newly launched initiative that aims to improve health outcomes for all.

The In Full Health Learning and Action Community to Advance Equitable Health Innovation is a network and accompanying set of principles that offer organizations a framework to center equity in their health innovation investment, development and purchasing efforts as they actively work to shift resources and decision-making to invest and build power in historically marginalized populations.

HIMSS, along with other founding collaborators, will work together with the American Medical Association (AMA) to build, engage and support the In Full Health community — identifying opportunities for systems change efforts to advance equitable health innovation.

The In Full Health community will base its efforts in a set of five Principles for Equitable Health Innovation. The principles represent a renewed vision for a U.S. health innovation sector that prioritizes equitable resource allocation for meaningful solutions to advance health, racial and social justice and ensures that the race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity of innovators and investors mirror that of the nation.

Learn more about In Full Health, and join the community. Collaborating organizations can connect with experts and one another to share content, tools and opportunities for meaningful action to advance equitable health innovation.

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