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HIMSS Launches CPDHTS Certification Focused on Digital Health Strategy

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HIMSS has launched the Certified Professional in Digital Health Transformation Strategy (CPDHTS)SM certification, which is designed to demonstrate knowledge and competence in digital health transformation strategy, including person-enabled health, measurement, improvement, strategy, governance and organizational management.

HIMSS certifications demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the profession and serve as milestones in career development. The CPDHTS program is geared toward more advanced health strategy professionals, and it differs from the CPHIMS and CAHIMS certifications in that it focuses on digital health strategy as opposed to health information and management systems.

Candidates who meet the CPDHTS eligibility requirements can apply to take the certification exam. Applications are reviewed for eligibility, and candidates will be contacted with instructions on how to make their reservation to test.

CPHIMS Resources include:

  • The Digital Health Transformation Course, a 10-module self-paced course that is aligned with the competency areas of the CPDHTS exam
  • The CPDHTS Candidate Handbook for those who have questions regarding preparing for the exam, exam administration and procedures and how scoring works
  • A Competency Gap Assessment to help identify areas for growth to maximize studying efforts in preparation for the CPDHTS exam
  • A Learning Plan, which provides resource suggestions for each component of the CPDHTS exam

For a limited time, HIMSS is offering incentives to anyone who registers to take the CPDHTS beta exam, including a 25 percent discount on all HIMSS books with code HIM25*, one free exam retake and reduced application price.

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Demonstrate your expertise and experience as a health information and technology professional with CAHIMSSM, CPHIMSSM or CPDHTSSM certification from HIMSS. In a field experiencing vast change, it’s important to possess a standard body of knowledge and an up-to-date skillset—show you’re well informed and well prepared with a HIMSS certification.

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